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Little Lions (Ages 4-6)


Our Little Lions program is geared specifically for children ages 4 to 6, because it is never too early to start building those life long skills and characteristics that ensure a child's success. The curriculum focuses on motivating the students through the use of goal setting devices and a stripe curriculum so the child learns to start recognizing and achieving goals. Children learn balance drills, coordination drills, focus drills, and the proper techniques of martial arts while having a great time.




Throughout the program you and your child will see an increase of self-confidence, self-esteem, motor skills, coordination, strength, and self-defense. Our teachers use plenty of positive encouragement while instilling discipline and developing better focus and attitudes. At this young age we start to prepare them for pre-school and kindergarten so they start school with a greater ability to focus and complete tasks given to them by their teacher and parents.

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