About Us

"When a single stone is thrown into water it creates ever increasing ripples moving outward. Similarly, we believe that helping an individual student to improve themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally has an impact that reaches beyond that student. As a result, each Yoon's X-PERT Martial Arts school and its instructors help to make the world a better place."

Grandmaster Seok Hyun Yoon

Founder of Yoon's X-PERT Martial Arts

Yoon's Martial Arts has been the leading provider of martial arts in the Dover, DE area. For over 20 years we have been teaching the martial art of Taekwondo to children, adults, and families.

Our Philosophy


We are committed to provide the finest martial arts experience to improve the quality of one's life. We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of positive energy and respect in our school through the development of the mind, body and spirit. 

Mission Statement

Through the utilization of Taekwondo discipline, we seek to develop our body and mind for better health which leads to a better life and better person. With this, we can strengthen our families, becomes leaders in our community, and guide the world towards self cultivation.


"We have watched both our children experience tremendous growth in many aspects of their lives since they became involved in martial arts. Their confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and academics excelled these areas. We have seen them go from good to great! Thank you, to all the great instructors at Yoons for helping them reach their full potential. You not only teach it, you live it!"


-AJ and Carolyn Jackson

 (Parents of Dallas and Savannah Jackson)

"Yoon's Martial Arts has provided my grandson a forum to prepare himself physically and mentally. He has gained self-confidence and learned about the spirit of martial arts. The instructors are top notch and they strive to teach honor and respect. I have seen a noticeable change in his demeanor for the better."



-William's Family

 (Student, Ryan Williams)

"Yoon's Martial Arts has taught my children discipline, hard work, and sportsmanship. The quality of instruction is exceptional and is worth the investment in our children. All of our children are becoming great martial artists and even better human beings."



-Michael Adams

(Father of Corey, Cameron, & Colby Adams)