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Adult Classes

Taekwondo improves your health, release your stress, and make you more confident, focused, and motivated than ever before!


Taekwondo is a workout while having fun!

The only way that any exercise program works is if you are able to stick with it.


The reason most people drop their exercise routine whether its going to the gym or working out at home, is that they get bored.


The monotony and repetition involved with most traditional forms of exercise turns off many people after just a few months and they lose motivation and whatever benefits they gained. Taekwondo classes are full of variety and the average student trains for years, not months.


Taekwondo is an all encompassing workout. In a single session, you work on flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength. 

With consistent practice you will lose weight, gain muscle tone and improve your athletic performance for other sports.


A crucial element in keeping motivated is measuring your progress and setting new goals. In this area, Taekwondo has no equal. Our color belt system and black belt curriculum provide you with a step-by-step process to challenge yourself and reach new levels of fitness.

Taekwondo is an effective form of self defense!

In Taekwondo, every move has a purpose.


Every second you are practicing, you will be improving your fitness level while at the same time learning a highly effect form of self defense.


Wouldn't it be reassuring to have the confidence that comes with knowing martial arts?


Taekwondo can provide you with the presence of mind, awareness, and physical readiness that will give you options in a confrontational situation.


Remember, criminals often seek out those who "look like a victim."


Training in Taekwondo is a preventive self-defense method. It will effect your physical condition, posture, eye-contact, and awareness. All allowing you to carry yourself with an aura of strength and self-confidence.


This may help you keep a confrontation from ever happening.

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