St. Patrick's Day Festival and Parade

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-Master Yoon

Hello Parents,

Thank you for your participation and support as you walk with us to represent our martial arts school! I have attached pictures of the information we covered in our meeting in case you were not there on Tuesday. I've also copy and pasted information I received about our line up schedule and the route of the parade in case anyone was curious. It looks like a decent amount of information so I hope you have a few minutes to spare.

LINE UP #  12 


LINE UP TIME: 11:20-11:40 AM

Street/Blvd: Federal Street 

The parade begins at 1:00 PM and our line-up time is between 11:20 and 11:40 AM. Please note that the instructors will be there on time with our van and if you are running a little late it shouldn't be a big issue.

Tuesday Meeting Notes:

New Information:

•Weather: As of now the weather forecast is calling for no rain! We are expecting sunshine and clouds mixed with a high of 49°F!  

**Please note winds are expected between 10 to 20 MPH*


•Parade Route: The parade will begin at 1:00 PM (please be ready to go by 12:50 PM) from the line up area around Legislative Mall.  The parade will proceed North onto Federal Street towards E. Loockerman Street.  The parade will then turn left and proceed West in the Eastbound Lane of E. Loockerman Street.  The parade will then proceed West on Loockerman Street with a slight pause for those performing for the judges at the stage located on Bradford Street.  The parade will then proceed West towards S. Queen Street.  The parade will turn left onto S. Queen Street and head South towards Bank Lane where the parade will then end and break up. The total length from beginning to end is .6 mile.  Please see the attached parade map for reference.  ***DURING THE PARADE PLEASE LEAVE SPACE BETWEEN YOUR GROUP/ENTRY AND THE GROUP/ENTRY AHEAD OF YOU. THERE WILL BE A FEW GROUPS STOPPING AT THE STAGE TO PERFORM. WE WANT TO AVOID GROUPS/ENTRIES BEING TOO CLOSE TO ONE ANOTHER. THANK YOU!*** 


•Candy: Throwing candy is strictly prohibited!  You may gently toss or pass out candy however throwing candy is not permitted. 


•Parking: Please note there is parking around the outer limits of Legislative Mall (Line up area). The Townsend Building has a parking lot behind it you can park in as well as the Delaware Public Archives Building, around the Greene, behind Dover City Hall/the library, along Water Street.  Please note the parade will end on Bank Lane and break up at the Wesley College Nursing Building. There is parking on New Street/Bank Lane also available. 


•End of Parade: Please return your line up number to the volunteers in safety vests at the end of the parade route.  Winners for various awards for the parade will be announced shortly after the completion of the parade. This will be done at the stage on Bradford Street. We ask that you send at least one member from your group back to the Stage area to be present for announcement of winners and collection of trophies.  

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